Thursday, September 7, 2017

Digital Intensive Session 7- Effective Class Site

An amazing session with my colleagues to work around our class sites.

Today I learnt about how to make my class site look more appealing and functional as well.

We looked at other school teachers sites and had a brainstorm on what we liked and what were some of the things that could be improved. The major one I picked for my site was creating a slideshow and putting it on my home page. It was quite challenging and Dorothy and Gerhard assisted me but still there is some work to be done. It's not really perfect but will get there by next week!! I also embedded the timetable on the home page and a beautiful picture of mine with the professional blog link inserted. My site looks much better but in the days ahead I have to do bit of more work.

Here is the screenshot of my class site

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  1. Hello Sandhya, well done your landing page is looking good. I have been working on the teaching and learning page in my site. I am learning so much in DFI.