Thursday, July 27, 2017

Manaikalani Digital Intensive Session 1-Creating a Poster


  1. Hi Sandhya, thanks for sharing your poster here after your first day with the digital fluency professional learning group. I look forward to hearing how you have been able to implement learnings in various aspects of your lifew.

    1. Hi Dorothy it was such a great and productive day. I have learnt lots of new things and definitely I am going to share these ideas with my syndicate team.

  2. Kiaora Sandhya, awesome to see you're enjoying learning on the digital fluency programme. Hopefully learning to file your 'stuff' in Google will help you in your daily life, and ultimately benefit you and your learners in the classroom.

  3. Hi Matt, I am absolutely enjoying this programme and YES I am organising my Google drive, so far looking good!