Thursday, August 31, 2017

Digital Intensive Session 6- Creating a Professional Site

Today I created a site for my professional use. I used invisible HTML tables and also used colorpick eyedropper to match color values.

I was in Level 2 group with Gerhard. Indeed it was a great session with Gerhard who patiently explained and guided us step by step in creating the site. We started off creating a site with Dorothy and we also planned how to use our table first. It's much easier to manipulate with the HTML before we add any content. I found this part little bit difficult but then practising it several times, made my work much easier.

I could proudly say now that Iam much confident in creating a site and putting images with various links using the correct width and height for page layout.

Here is the link to access my site STP

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Digital Intensive Session 5 Creating a Multi Modal Site

An amazing session for all of us. I created a multi modal site based on The Lion and the Mouse.

We used the multi-text approach to meet the diverse literacy needs to meet learners learning style, interest and readiness. From there we created our own sites individually. Some of the multi modal modes we looked at were - youtube videos, pictures, audio, play, blogs, animations, writing activities and Explain Everything activity.

Finally, I chose one of the themes from the following and created my own site using the images followed by links.

  • Being Helpful
  • Size Doesn't Matter
  • Everyone has different skills
  • A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed
  • One Good Turn Deserves Another

This is a screenshot of the site I created for my Year 2/3 level.Please use this link to access my site The Lion and the Mouse

Thursday, August 17, 2017

WALT: use Screencastify on a Chromebook.

I have chosen one of the child's post and commented on it using the “positive, thoughtful, helpful” guide we all use in Manaiakalani Schools. Then I created an instructional video explaining how I have looked at the Cybersmart lesson and used it as support to leave a comment. I have made connections with the post in a positive, thoughtful and helpful way. Finally, I used screencastify to record my message and then I shared it on my blog.

Digital Intensive -Session 4 An activity based on Explain Everything.

My task this afternoon was to share my learning using an Explain Everything (EE) Activity. I selected an Explain Everything (EE) Project and downloaded it on my iPad. I used the voice recording tool to explain how to use the EE tools and activities to support the learning. I found it very interesting and also very useful. I am definitely going to try out with my children next week during their Reading class.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Manaikalani Digital Intensive Session 3-Google Quicktime Hangout

It was a great day with Matt and Gerhard. I learnt lots of new and interesting things today. The best part was creating an event and inviting guests for google hangout.

This is what I actually did:
  • Create a video recording of a Google Hangout between groups of three.
  • Use Quicktime screen recorder - each group will need a Mac user to create the recording. Trim ends on QT to remove ‘fluffing around’ at beginning and end of recording. Send it to a Google Drive folder (make visible) at the end so you can embed in blogs.
  • In groups of three, host and record a hangout.
Choose a child from the posts here,  read what they have posted and base your discussion on this one post -*Tip* make it easy - scan through and pick one that has a creative looking post to discuss!!

Our conversation was basically based on these questions.
  1. What learner empowerment is demonstrated?  Do you detect signs of learner agency in this post? Did they have any room to make choices?
  2. What supports / scaffolds might the teacher have set up to get this creative activity to occur? Eg scaffolds, rubrics, templates etc etc
  3. Explain/reflect/demonstrate learning, through creation - How has creation given more opportunities for deep learning and cognitive engagement?

Friday, August 4, 2017

Manaikalani Digital Intensive Session 2

I had a very productive day and as such I have learnt to create google form and explore other related tools. Moreover, I had a hands on experience in creating spreadsheet and learn about how to find sums and average using a formula. The most interesting part was creating a map out of Google forms about our favourite holiday destinations.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Buddy Reading in Room 3!

I have started my Buddy Reading in mid Term Two. When I introduced this program in my class, my students showed lot of interest and were keen to read with their buddies.
I strongly feel that Buddy Reading program has a great positive impact on my students reading.